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Wednesday July 20th, Romans 8: 16 God's Spirit makes us sure that we are his children. 17 His Spirit lets us know that together with Christ we will be given what God has promised. We will also share in the glory of Christ, because we have suffered with him. 18 I am sure that what we are suffering now cannot compare with the glory that will be shown to us. 19 In fact, all creation is eagerly waiting for God to show who his children are. All creation eagerly awaits, and in the meantime, even with what happened in the gulf not that long ago, we will approve more offshore drilling. All the texts this week are wrapped up in the weed ‘n seed theme. Rose teaches music at church during the summer. Last week, her eyes were bothering her, as were mine. Conversation turned to the effect of Cottonwoods this time of year. Sometimes it looks like it is snowing, but it is hard to tell because our eyes are half shut due to the irritation. Rose informed me that she could put up with the cottonwoods for a few weeks each year since she learned how to make a very effective mosquito repellant from the cottonwood tree. I have to get that recipe from her. In the meantime, I learned that not everything we consider weeds is a weed. Perhaps in rambling through the meadows and forests we have entertained many a cure unaware. God has graced us with so many miracles in this world. All of nature is a gift from God just waiting for us to unpack something new from it. We all too often go to the same pharmaceutical tree of profit for a pill to cure most of what is already just life. All creation groans for the Lord. All creation. The next time we hear of some moneymaking inspired catastrophe that will effect nature for decades or centuries, the next time we hear of climate change deniers pointing to the one or two scientists out of a thousand who aren’t quite sure it is happening, remember all of creation is a gift of God that only we can screw up. Note: my niece worked for the EPA writing press releases. After combing through reams of paper of scientific research and working on distilling it down to a simple press release the public could understand. The Bush appointed head would take the press release and rewrite it, often times to say the exact opposite of what the scientific research said, and it would be released to the public. Most of these press releases for the backbone of the fake science support for the idea that there is no human effect on climate change.


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