Opening Litany based on Psalm 119:105-112

Pastor: Your word O Lord is a lamp for my feet and a light on my path. You guide me in all my ways.

Congregation: I give my word, I will follow your righteous laws. For  I have suffered much in my life and I call upon you now O Lord to walk with me and help me according to your word. 

Pastor: Accept my praise O Lord, for it is given from deep within my heart.  Teach me the ways you would have me go. 

Congregation: Even though I always seem to take control of my life, to run things in my way and on my terms, yet when pushed I will not forget your law. 

Pastor: Both the wicked in this world, and the wickedness within me seem to set snares for me at every turn.  Though I have fallen often, in my heart I have not strayed from your teachings.  

Congregation: Your ways are the foundation of my life and the joy of my heart.  Despite all my actions to the contrary, I have set my heart on keeping your ways to the end of the days.  


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