poem based on Luke 12:32-40

I heard the man tell

anyone who would listen
He had it all figured out
with charts and grafts
and the book of Revelation
Dissected into number and verse
with each word and phrase
given a new meaning know only to
the one doing the talking
before me on the T.V. Screen
The time was figured to the
day, hour minute
so that these who follow such things
Could what?

I heard the man tell
and all were listening
that he wasn’t sure
as he faced life’s end
square in the face
he didn’t know
and yet had faith in the God of love
his family had gathered to be with him
in his final hour
Met with peace, dignity, stories and even some laughter
by a man
who knew only
God’s love
and was ready
Two men standing on a hill
One filled with faith and questions

The other with only his will


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