justice or justifacation

Sunday July 12th, Psalm 85: I will listen to what God the Lord will say. For He will speak peace to His people, to those who are right with Him. But do not let them turn again to foolish things. The word of the Lord is a word of peace. True peace can only come about through justice, never at the edge of a sword. This is God preferred vision for the world and this is what will be. Our choice in life is where we are going to be on the side of God, working for peace and justice or whether we are going to shrink into the pygmy world of private piety. There are many voices out there claiming to be the word of God, many voices that claim their own self-righteousness to be the righteousness of God. Most often these claims wrap themselves in the flag of their country of origin and are instead of justice, used as a justification of war, and war is big business if you are properly connected and death business if you are not. God’s voice on the other hand does not tear down or destroy; it builds up and brings peace. Listen to the voice of God, it is right there in the book, it is the voice of peace, then decide today, and tomorrow, if you will live your life heading toward God’s Grand future, or your futile fortress.


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