long term

Monday May 18th, Psalm 98: The Lord will judge the world with justice and the nations with fairness. The Lord’s justice and fairness extends to all because the Lord is the creator of all. Justice is not just taking our side any more than good parenting is loving one child and rejecting the others; it is taking the side of all of creation. It is sometimes to tell the children to stop bickering among themselves and start acting like a family. What if the world one day reached the maturity to live as brothers and sisters, created by the same God, in the image of the same God, loved by the same God? What if the world one day found the benefit of mutual cooperation far more attractive than mutual assured destruction? What if? Perhaps in doing so, short term gains would appear to be lost, perhaps. However, the God who created all, including time, looks at the long term and asks us to do the same.


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