I saw the light

Tuesday May 19th, Acts 10: 44 No sooner were these words out of Peter's mouth than the Holy Spirit came on the listeners. 45 The believing Jews who had come with Peter couldn't believe it, couldn't believe that the gift of the Holy Spirit was poured out on "outsider" Gentiles, 46 but there it was… This is crazy!!, This Holy Spirit thing is Crazy! It is hard to come face to face with our neat tidy boundaries being crossed. We need more border fences to keep “them” out. More guards to patrol them. Then just when we think We feel safe, we stumble as if pushed. Just when we think we understand God, we get pushed to look further. It is still going on. We draw the circle smaller and put up fences to keep people out, God opens gates to let people in. Just what does God want from us anyway, to love everyone? That just seems crazy doesn’t it? Even Peter thought so. Humanity however, for a brief moment thought they saw the light.


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