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Wednesday May 24th, Acts 10: Then Peter said, 47 "Do I hear any objections to baptizing these friends with water? They've received the Holy Spirit exactly as we did." 48 Hearing no objections, he ordered that they be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. It was one of those eureka moments, akin to finding gold in California. Finding God in Gentiles sparked one of those moments when everyone was shaking their head wondering what in the world is going to happen now!?! What God was up to in the world was what God had always been up to, but we refused to see. What God was up to was showing brothers and sisters that they are indeed brothers and sisters. Once in a while, in brief moments in history God can break in with a creation moment. Once in a while, humanity lets down it’s guard long enough to open the gates to one another. Once in a while..... and then we go back to business as usual, corporate welfare funneled through military contracts. Love and brotherhood replaced with fear and greed and a profit for a few. But once in a while God breaks through. They are Holy moments. They are creation moments. How are we now fighting what God is trying to show us, who God is trying to introduce us to, How God is calling us to be? How does our current common sense shut the door, or build a wall, against God’s Gospel call and that crazy out of control Spirit that just wants us to love one another? The first step in tearing down a wall is to recognize it exists.


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