not just those with guns

Monday November 19th, Isaiah 65: People will live in the houses they build; they will no longer fear the bulldozers that come to destroy. They will enjoy grapes from their own vineyards and olives from their own orchards. In the Palestinian areas, if you are suspected of being involved in activities considered to be terrorists related, and let me emphasis suspected not proven, then the bulldozers come and destroy your home. If your son or daughter get fed up with the cement wall that separates your family from the olive orchard they have had for hundreds of years and you are unable to harvest your crops, you are hungry, there is no money and not enough food, and your child throws a stone, you may lose your home in addition to your orchard. How quickly, even here in the US we have learned to accept unjust situations under the guise of security. God’s preferred vision is one where all people, all those created in the image of God, can live in freedom and experience justice, not just those with the guns.


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