Opening Litany for Nov. 18th based on Isaiah 65:17*25

The LORD's New Creation

Pastor: I am creating new heavens and a new earth says The Lord; everything of the past will be forgotten. Celebrate and be glad forever! I am creating a New Jerusalem, full of happy people. I will celebrate with Jerusalem and all of its people; there will be no more crying or sorrow in that city.

Congregation: No child will die in infancy; everyone will live to a ripe old age.

Pastor: Anyone a hundred years old will be considered young, and to die younger than that will be considered a curse.

Congregation: People will live in the houses they build; they will no longer fear the bulldozers that come to destroy. They will enjoy grapes from their own vineyards and olives from their own orchards.

Pastor: No one will take away or destroy their homes, vineyards or orchards, no one will build walls to separate them from their fields or friends.

Congregation: All who are created in the image of God will live to be as old as trees, and they will enjoy what they have earned.

Pastor: Their work won't be wasted, and their children won't die of dreadful diseases, stray bullets or lack of food and shelter.

Congregation: The Lord says, I will bless all children created in the image of God and their grandchildren, and answer their prayers before they finish praying.

Pastor: Wolves and lambs will graze together; lions and oxen will feed on straw. Oppressors and oppressed will finally see each other as brothers and sisters.

Congregation: Snakes will eat only dirt! They won't bite or harm anyone ion my holy creation. I, the LORD, have spoken!

Pastor: This is God’s vision for the future

Congregation: We will not fight against it but will work for its completion every day, in our lives, and in the people around us. Amen!!

Pastor: Welcome to Worship at Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church.

Congregation: Where we are Inspired by God’s Love to Praise, Nurture and Serve, and where we work out that mission in our day to day lives when we Delight in the Diversity of All of God’s Children.


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