Immanuel, God with us

Sunday December 24th, Micah 5: 3 The LORD will abandon Israel only until this ruler is born, and the rest of his family returns to Israel. 4 Like a shepherd taking care of his sheep, this ruler will lead and care for his people by the power and glorious name of the LORD his God. It’s tough being a loving parent. In doing what is best for your children, you sometimes have to do the unpopular thing. Without it your children never grow up, and with that tough love, they tend to grow up way too slowly. As the children of God, we still have a lot of growing to do. When we feel abandoned by God, it is good to know (1.) we are never really abandoned (2.) maybe we are the ones who have moved (3.) maybe we are being called to do a bit of growing (4.) the Lord has promised to lead and care for us. Take heart, O weary one, Immanuel is with us always.


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