What would the protection at all costs cost them?

Monday November 13th, 1 Kings 17: 10 When Elijah came near the town gate of Zarephath, he saw a widow gathering sticks for a fire. "Would you please bring me a cup of water?" he asked. 11 As she left to get it, he asked, "Would you also please bring me a piece of bread?" 12 The widow answered, "In the name of the living LORD your God, I swear that I don't have any bread. All I have is a handful of flour and a little olive oil. I'm on my way home now with these few sticks to cook what I have for my son and me. After that, we will starve to death." The widow lived the gift in generosity, even in the face of extreme scarcity. I remember several years ago when a friend of mine wanted to put in a hidden food storage area. It was dug into the ground, insolated, isolated, and the entrance concealed in such a way that only those in the know would find it. The theory was that when calamity came, they would have food and be able to survive. I often wondered what they would do if a starving child came to their door. Would they protect their stash at all cost? If so what would they loose in the process? What would the protection at all costs cost them? God’s other way is the abundance of sharing.


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