3rd Sunday of Easter John 21:1-19

It was OK to follow

schlepping around the Galilean country side

doing what we were told

watching every move Jesus made

feeling the excitement

We had it made in a way

connected to something bigger than ourselves

preparing the way for the kingdom

In our own way we had it made

and then

then he was gone

Oh sure there was the resurrection

and the time spent with us

and the day of Pentecost

and then

then the spotlight went off

the houselights came up

and there we were

Party over

Now what?

Back to the same old

fade into the countryside


take life easy

and forget about that night

and the rooster crowing


Feed my sheep!

Feed my sheep!

Feed my sheep!

Be made whole again

and go into the whole world

which is not

and never will be

the same again

No longer centre stage

but streets and byways

Find the sheep

and feed them



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