Opening Litany, Psalm 49

Worship Leader: Listen everyone, listen all who live in this world, those powerful and powerless, those with abundance of things and those with abundance of need for I will speak to you words of wisdom and understanding.

Congregation: We will listen to the message you bring to us from oh high.

Worship Leader: Why should you care when evil seems to invade the world and wickedness surrounds you?

Congregation: We feel lost, empty, abandoned.

Worship Leader: When you trust in wealth and support only the ways of those with great riches, you support emptiness.

Congregation: We know that no one can redeem the life of another or pay off God for ours or anyone else’s salvation.

Worship Leader: Everyone, those with nothing, those with great wisdom, as well as those with great fortunes live for a while and then they die.
Congregation: all they accumulate means nothing and what they gain is tombs that will remain their houses forever,

Worship Leader: when we put out trust in God and care for God’s calling, God’s creation, God’s creatures we are remembered as the children of God.
Congregation: But we, despite all we have do not endure it is better therefore that we be remembered for what God did through us than for any striving of our own.


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