heed the plea

Wednesday June 24th, 2 Corinthians 6: 11 Friends in Corinth, we are telling the truth when we say that there is room in our hearts for you. 12 We are not holding back on our love for you, but you are holding back on your love for us. 13 I speak to you as I would speak to my own children. Please make room in your hearts for us.  This is the cry of most of the world to Christian community, the Islamic community, the Jewish community, the Buddhists community, the religious communities of every stripe and color out there.  Out of the love of God, shown to the world in the ministry of Christ, make room in your hearts for us.  Failure to do so is failure to make room in your hearts for Christ, for that which you do onto the least of these my brothers and sisters, you do onto Christ. And when we live in compassion for one another, we live in the presence of God.   So heed the plea of Paul to the Corinthians in your life.  Please make room in your hearts for all the children of God.   


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