Opening litany based on Psalm 89

Psalm 89
Pastor:  I will sing of the LORD’s great love forever; Letting all generations know of the faithfulness of the Lord. For the love of the Lord stands firm forever, on earth and in the heavens.

Congregation: The Lord made a covenant to Abraham and to David that the heavens and the earth will be blessed through them for all generations.

Pastor: Let the assembly of Holy ones in the heavens praise the wonders of the Lord.

Congregation: For who in the heavens above and on the earth below is like Lord God Almighty, surrounded by majestic wonder and faithfulness.

Pastor: The Lord God Almighty rules over the surging seas, stilling the raging waves, and rules over the surging peoples, stilling those who rage against your people and against the heavens.

Congregation: For you O Lord have created all that is with your mighty hand.  The heavens are yours and yours also is the earth. 

Pastor: Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne O Lord, love and faithfulness go before you. Blessed are those who sing praises to Your Holy Name and walk in the light of your Presence, O Lord.  For they rejoice in your name all day long and celebrate your righteousness with their lives.

Congregation: For you are the glory and strength of those who walk in your presence, indeed you are their shield O Holy One over all the earth. 


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