Thursday December 25th, Luke 1: 34 "How will this be," Mary asked the angel, "since I am a virgin?" First, a very merry Christmas to all.  We, like Mary at first see limitations, God sees possibilities. To Mary’s credit, she only saw the limitations for a short while, while most of us only see the limitations and are ruled by the limitations most of our lives.  What are the possibilities in your life? What are the self-imposed limitations that are holding you back? Where is God in the midst of it all? Hannah, Rachael, Elizabeth, Mary, they all saw the limitations at first, but it was looking back that they were able to see God’s blessings revealed in God’s plan put into action by their saying yes.  Going along with God’s plan made the blessing real to them.  Going along with God’s plan makes the blessing real for us also.  This Christmas season, give yourself the best gift of all, ask God to help you find your part, your journey, your adventure,  more in God’s plan than in your own plan.  And may the blessing of the Christ Child walk with you every inch of the way.  


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