Monday December 29th, Isaiah 61: 11The LORD will bring about justice and praise in every nation on earth, like flowers blooming in a garden. First let us understand that justice is not another name for things done our way.  Justice is a two edged sword and cuts both ways.  We still live in a world of nations.  God’s vision is a world filled with the children of God who see beyond borders.  We are called to live in this God world where we recognize others as sisters and brothers in Christ.  We are called to recognize that we live in a world of injustice and then are called to try to do something about that.  True justice would mean that we would have less, so that others could have more.  True justice would not focus on tax breaks for the wealthiest among us while cutting programs that benefit the least of these.  God’s justice means caring for all of God’s creation, not just our backyard.  


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