Show me the money

Tuesday December 4th, Isaiah 2: all nations will turn their swords into shovels, their spears into hoes. No more will nation fight nation; nor will they play war anymore. Come all you people let us let's live in the light of God. As we bring the message of Hope this first Advent, one of the things we hope for is a change from the ways the world deals with differences. Throughout history the tendency has been for a little effort to be put toward peace for a while and then a lot of effort and money put toward war. War makes more money for a few people even as it destroys the economy for the majority. It is those few, with the right connections, along with the human tendency to lash out and strike back that fuels war. Largely our children and the children of others give their lives so that a small number may maintain power and reap profits. What would happen if the nations put as much time, effort, GNP, labor and resources into building up, caring for, and innovation as they do for destruction and death? Let us hope that at lease our grandchildren may live to be able to answer that question.


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