Balancing act

Monday December 3rd, Isaiah 2: God's Message will come forth and He'll settle things fairly between nations. God will make things right between all peoples and true justice, God’s justice, will prevail. In the realm of power structures in this world, those with the power and money always think they are being more than just, and the powerless and poor always know they are once again getting screwed. God’s justice is not like human justice. God’s justice gets at the why, not just the who and with God’s justice hope is born. God’s justice deals with both sides of the equation and may not look like justice at all for those in power. It is comfort for the afflicted and affliction for the comfortable. The comfortable sometimes have a little trouble seeing that as good news. The will, in time. God’s love is all, It is just that in balancing the scales (God’s justice) one side doesn’t like the way things move and both sides have yet to experience what a God balanced life is like.


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