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Sunday December 2nd, Isaiah 2: There's a day coming when the mountain of God's House will be solid and towering over all mountains. All nations will be drawn to it and people from all over the world set out for it, saying, “Come, let's climb God's Holy Mountain, and go to the House of the Lord. In that day God will show us the way He works so all can live the way they were made." It was seventeen years ago on this date, that I was ordained at Christ Our Savior Lutheran. It was after many years of running. I was drawn to the ministry at age seven, decided to be a pastor at fourteen, and wanted nothing to do with it at twenty one. It was years of running until the dead end roads lead me back to that calling. The years of running didn’t erode the mountain and probably helped get rid of some of the rough edges in me. That calling of the Lord, no matter what form it takes, is there, and will be there for you throughout your life, and the lives of your children also. What does God have in mind for you that you are running from? How much more honing do you have to do before you respond?


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