1st Sunday in Lent Luke 4:1-13

Sometimes we know

We just know

And yet we strive for all that is in us

For those things

------------- thoughts

----------------- directions

that will lead us down

-------- the path

-------------- we wish not to go.

That will lead us to the one

-------------- we wish not to serve,

but we are drawn

by all the humanness within us

we are drawn


we find the strength

---- somehow

and the presence of mind

---- from somewhere

to say

Hear my people

---- The Lord is our God

---- The Lord is One

and in that moment

we know

---- we just know

all the power

---- prestige

-------- and glory

the world has to offer

---- are only fleeting

a moments spotlight

---- exchanged

--------- for the joy

that comes from the God who created all the Joy

--------------------------------------------- life

and calls us to put down our walls

of glory

for the joy of life

lived to its fullness

in Christ


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