The Annunciation of our Lord Luke 1:26-46

The young and innocent one

wondered at the hearing of the words

---- (Greetings)

that thundered from on high

and yet so close

she could almost reach out

--- and touch

------ the messenger

---------- Gabriel

words that announced to the world

a new time

a new life

that would come to all people

---- (you who are highly favored)

through the womb

of this one

innocent one

called Mary

though the  world did not know

and the people did not know

and those in power did not know

and even Mary did not know



all that is

all that was

all that will be

would be changed

by the message

to this one innocent one

---- (the Lord)

that a child shall be born

and they shall call

---- (is)

his name

---- (with you)




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