Psalm 119:129-136

Worship Leader: Your laws and principles make sense to me, when I think of how my life would be if I were to follow them, I feel the awakening of Joy in my heart.

 Congregation: As I look into your words, each layer unfolds to bring more light into my life.  When I read them my life seems to come into focus and I long for a deeper understanding. 

Worship Leader: Let your face shine upon us O Lord, and continue to bath us in the light of your mercy. 

Congregation: Lead me down the path you would have me go in life and do not let my sins draw me to one side or the other.

Worship Leader: For you O Lord have brought salvation to all humankind, that all may be free from oppression, political, spiritual, cultural and economic and may live in the glory of your ways. 

Congregation: May the light of your ways continually shine upon us O Lord as we learn your ways,

Worship Leader: and may we never depart from the path you have set us upon. 

Congregation: Let us feel the consequences should we ever stray from your path so that our lives may be an example of grace to all who know us. 


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