Ash Wednesday Matthew 6:1-16

Is my hair straight?
How about this tie
---- does it match
the rest of the image
---- (help me)
I wish to present?
------------ an image
I sometimes make a show
for the world
--------------- so busy making shows
-------- I long for something more
-------- (Lord)
-------- I long to uncork
------------- that stream
-------- of passion
------------- within me
that passion
----- that draws me toward the light
----------- and illumines
---------------- my innermost
---------------------- Yes I dare let go
----------------------------- self
------ (to place)
protected now
by the walls of expectation
built on the unfulfilled dreamings
of what should be.

But there are those times
------- for some reason
------------- beyond me
I live in a world filled with people
-------- alone
----- (my trust)
and in those brief glorious moments
I become
----- whole
----- (in)
and cry
----- for no reason
----- seeing no eyes upon me
----- and I Thank You
----- (You)
--------- Lord


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