Poem based on Luke 8: 26-39

Jesus heals a demon-possessed man

In this foreign land
Far across the lake
Where we find people of strange values
------ language
----------- ungodly ideas
We follow Jesus
And encounter
As expected
One wild and filled with evil
And as unexpected
One love by Jesus.
What have you to do with us
Son of the Most High God?
Who do people say I am
Who do you say I am
As the disciples
And you and I stand
Not understanding what has just happened
As the many descend in uncleanness
To the depths of the chaos waters
And the followers stand in jaw dropping fear
That God’s love might
Just might
Even across the pond to the other side
Where the people react
As we react
In fear of our bottom line
What is in it for me
And how do I measure
The cost
While the disciples
You and I
Still stand jaw dropped
While the new evangelists
Gets to work in the Kingdom
Which just became visible
As near.


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