Poem based on Maundy Thursday Mark 14:12-26

Sitting amid the ones who had come so far
was the Christ
the Immanuel
serving these few
Who were gathered at this table with him
and in a somber moment
that pierced through time
Christ looked at each of the ones gathered
And broke the bread
(this is my body)
to share with all there
in a way that had been done
in so many other Passover meals
and like no other meal
this moment
--held in time
--suspended between what was
----and what will be
was here
as the moment floated into eternity
he gave thanks
in this somber moment
that pierced through time
and took the cup
given to all
(is my blood)
that they might share with one another
what had been given them
(of the covenant)
feeling the presence of one another
in a new way
in the presence of this Christ 
the moment begin to pass
but not back into a world that was
the night was new
and almost alive
as Christ went out
(which is poured out for many)

to pray


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