Poem for May 1st, Philip & James, Apostles John 14:8-14

We don’t know where you are going

we don’t have a handle on what is happening
we don’t feel in control
just show me the one who has sent you
the one we have worshiped for so long
Show me
that I may believe
that which I have already said
I believe
Show me
that I may no longer be nagged by doubts
Show me
---- (I am the way)
---- (and I will be with you)
---- (for I am going)
---- (to be with you in a special way)
Help me to keep the ways
I have learned
from my ancestors
who have lived so long
with the special relationship given
by God
---- (I am the way)
Show us that we may believe in you
Show us
that our human side may be satisfied
Show us
that we may have an edge
those who have not been shown
---- (I am the way)
---- (and I will be)
---- (with all people)
---- (in love)


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