Don't be shabby

Monday May 25th, 1st John 5: 11 This is the testimony in essence: God gave us eternal life; the life is in his Son. We are called to live in the knowledge of this testimony, in the knowledge of being a child of God, in the knowledge of knowing we are saved, deep down in your heart knowing God will never leave you. Know with every essence of your being that life eternal with God is yours. Now that you don’t have to do anything, what are you going to do? That is the question. The danger isn’t not earning salvation; the danger is leaving it along the wayside as we go off after something else, some new fancy trinket that sparkles. Fanatics and atheists may not have their thinking on straight but at the very least, they care deeply about what they believe. It is the agnostics that I am concerned about. They have heard it all not faced with conviction, it means about as much as yesterdays ham sandwich. What they are missing is knowing that their life is drenched in God’s love in their hearts, in their souls, in the essence of their beings. Putting on a good set of clothes do not make the man, or the woman, it is what happens inside, in the darkness of doubt that counts.


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