Conflict is always self centered

Tuesday December 18th, Isaiah 35: The fullness of God’s love and grace will fill every heart and the sounds of Joy will fill the universe as the throngs of all creation enter into the presence of God with singing, and everlasting joy will crown their heads. Gladness and joy will overtake all of creation, and sorrow and sighing will flee away forever. Joy is the awareness of God’s presence in your life, in your heart. Finding God is never a search out there somewhere, through some program or Bible Study or the “right” religion (remember, “right” religions are always the wrong ones). It is a matter of becoming aware of what is already inside you, inside everyone, from birth. When that is discovered, all creation and all heaven sings for joy. Discovering that presence of God in another is to begin to see the meaning of God’s gift of love. To see the presence of God in your enemy, is to know the basis of God’s justice and God’s peace. Iraq, Sudan, Israel/Palestine, etc, etc, etc….. are only possible with an immature and self-centered concept that you have a relationship with God and others do not. Only when the world begins to see the presence of God in their enemy will they begin to see the gladness and joy God has in store for all of us.


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