Thursday December 20th, Matthew 11: 2 John was in prison when he heard what Christ was doing. So John sent some of his followers 3 to ask Jesus, "Are you the one we should be looking for? Or must we wait for someone else?" 4 Jesus answered, "Go and tell John what you have heard and seen. 5 The blind are now able to see, and the lame can walk. People with leprosy are being healed, and the deaf can hear. The dead are raised to life, and the poor are hearing the good news. What do you see and what do you hear the church doing today? In some places the church is bringing healing, hope, peace and joy. In other places, only fear of the end time’s judgment of others. What are our churches, those of you who read this in the internet blog as well as our little church in south Anchorage, doing to demonstrate God’s presence in the world? What are we called to do? What is one more thing we can do in 08 to counter the rise of self-centered and destructive fundamentalism in the world? Drop a response in the blog with what you are doing as a way to help encourage all of us. Please!!!


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