Thanks!!!!! Amen!!!!

Thursday February 8th, 1 Corinthians 15: 10-11 But because God was so gracious, so very generous, here I am. And I'm not about to let his grace go to waste. Haven't I worked hard trying to do more than any of the others? Even then, my work didn't amount to all that much. It was God giving me the work to do, God giving me the energy to do it. So whether you heard it from me or from those others, it's all the same: We spoke God's truth and you entrusted your lives. God calls, God equips, God provides the task, and sometimes, we respond. When we do find ourselves responding, we say things like, “What a wonderful day” or “I feel so alive” or “I feel so blessed.” When we say those things, those whom God has placed in our path are saying something similar. The world becomes alive with hope. And once in a while, we even become aware of the connection and thank God.


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