4th Sunday after Epiphany

Luke 4:21-30

Today is the day
No more waiting
No more getting ready
Jubilee is here
And the world will be set right
--with God
---------- and our neighbor as ourselves
and with a collective sigh
all thought he was cute
------ and naïve
---------and would learn some day
the way the world really is
“You can’t trust those people”
“They are not like us”
“We are the chosen
------ frozen
---------- righteous
of god
in our image
and the young Jesus reminded them
of the limitlessness of God
and God’s view of neighbor
and reminded them of the difference
between the world as is
and the world will be
but he walked right through the crowd
set to enforce
with force
what is
and went on his way
to what will be


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