Opening Litany - based on Isaiah 50:4-9

Isaiah 50:4-9 (Contemporary English Version)

Pastor: The LORD God gives me the right words to encourage the weary.

Congregation: Each morning I awaken eager to learn the Lord’s teachings;

Pastor: The Lord is the one who made us willing to listen and not rebel or run away.

Congregation: I let them push, ridicule and abuse me but I didn't turn aside, not even when they insulted me and spit in my face.

Pastor: It is the LORD God who keeps us from being disgraced.

Congregation: Therefore I refuse to give up because I know God will never let me down.

Pastor: Our Lord and protector is nearby; no one can stand here and falsely accuse us of wrong.

Congregation: The LORD God will help us and prove we are innocent and our false accusers will wear out like moth-eaten clothes.


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