The Resurrection of our Lord Luke 24:1-11

In the Spring

I would come out to that place

with the stream flowing

fast clear through the narrows

of the mud

and snow choked hills

The sun would shine warm

and send light bouncing off the water

as it flowed

through the mud

and snow

the sun’s rays felt good

on my ice cold hands

as I enjoyed the beauty

of new life beginning


In the beginning God created all

and it was good

From nothingness came good

and beauty

and joy

tarnished by the desire of us all

to be gods

to run our little dominion

And we did

And we died

And Christ came

in our self appointed winter

confined not to the cold

and dead dungeons of our world

and sprang forth in light and life

to a world made new

As in the beginning

where life

in the midst of our dungeons

burst forth

sparkling in the waters that flow

through the mud and snow clogged narrows

of our soul

To bring us



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