2nd Sunday after Epiphany John 2:1-11

I watched the swallow soar around me.

Sitting there bound to earth

I watched

as each dive to the waters surface

was a gift of perfection

beheld by my eyes,

bound to my world of possibility.

I watched as more and more they circled

in ever increasing numbers

filling my heart with joy at the sight.

(Draw out)

At the sight of each dive and loop

I sat there and wondered

at the creator of all this,

(the water)

the beauty and grace of these creatures so small,

each movement a sign of glory

only roughly mimicked


by the best of humanities efforts.

I thank you Lord for these gifts

of beauty,


signs of your presence

signs of your grace

that points us from our own strivings


to the world you have created

and the glory of the world to come

(the feast)


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