The Baptism of our Lord Luke 3:15-22

Open you heavens

Open you earth

rejoice for the one has come

the Messiah

the Christ


and I sit amid the commotion

and my own darkness

in the midst of my night

created in the beginning

and each day made anew

by my desires to be god

to serve Me alone

And in the distance

I see the white shining of a dove

gently gliding to earth

through the heavens opened

and alight upon the one standing before me

I hear the words

gentle like soft life giving rain

and yet like thunder

summoning the world to listen

amid its self serving drown

“this is my son

my own in whom I am pleased”

the heavens close again

leaving this shining ray of hope

---- and light

amid the darkness

leaving me knowing

I could never look into the face of another

without seeing the face of God

my night vanished

to a dawn of a new world

filled with the light of Christ


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