Psalm 62

 Worship Leader: I wait for God and for God alone, who is my rock and my salvation, the strength of my life that will not be shaken. How long will you beat your head against a wall, your only plan to get ahead is to bring someone else down?


Congregation: It is for God alone soul waits. It is in God alone I find my strength and salvation.   


Worship Leader: for it is in God we find deliverance and honor.  Put your trust in God at all times Oh People.  Pour out your heart before God who is your refuge and strength.  


Congregation:  Making your mark in the world is an illusion.  Whether you are on top of the heap or on the bottom it is but a temporary illusion.  Those who seem to gain, do so on the backs of others, it is an illusion, nothing but smoke.


Worship Leader:  For God has spoken and this I know, all power belongs to God.  It is to God I will show my love and thanks for all that has been done in the world. 



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