2nd Sunday after Epiphany John 1:43-51

 The Joy, the Excitement was there that day

As they decided to come

And follow this Jesus on his mission

That was understood by none


With many wonders seen in that day

By those who would like to see

And the thrill of a new life to live

As Jesus said follow me


So Philip decided to follow

And Andrew and Peter too

Proclaiming this Jesus as the Son of God

And pledging his will to do


With a flurry of excitement

Of wonders n’er before seen

They set off to follow Jesus

And the dream that Israel dreamed


There will be many signs and wonders

As the heavens open wide

And heavenly beings traveling

From over the other side


You believe now because you see things

You do not understand

But life is not always wonder

For the followers of the Son of Man


So come now and follow me

Said Jesus to the three

In a life that is lived for others

And helping the world to see




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