Psalm 31:1-5, 15-16

Pastor: In the Lord our God we will take our refuge, it is there we will never be put to shame for the Lord, out of the righteousness of God, has delivered us from all evil.   

Congregation: Hear us O Lord, open our hearts to know of your presence and let us know you have rescued us from all that would do us mortal harm, for you are our rock, our refuge in a sea of turmoil.

Pastor: Walk with us O Lord, for you are our rock, our island in a sea of turmoil and you will never desert us in this world.

Congregation: Keep us free from the traps we step into every day for it is into your hands we give our lives, our spirits, knowing your will never forsake us. 

Pastor: The time allotted to our life on this earth is in your Hands O Lord.

Congregation: Let Your Face O Lord shine upon us with unfailing love, for we are forever indebted to you.  


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