John 20:19-31

I sit in darkness
late at night
the kids are asleep
quiet now
--after a day of fun
oblivious to the adult world
--as we have made it
of war and hate
and children very much like themselves
loved very much like themselves
without enough
--of their share
--to survive
I want to venture out
To help in this world
--of too much
----and not enough
but I often find myself
here in the darkness
of my own walls
--into this sanctuary
--of my
------awareness fear
comes a voice
of disturbing comfort
that seeks to destroy
------------my little kingdom
-------of what
-----------------------anyway walls
I am heralded again
from that voice of life
----(be with you)
I long to
--but wish not
in the midst of your world
and because of it
as the words still ring
------in my mind
I remember the one who came
To make all things new
And I long
--for that contact
that would take me by the hand
and lead me
--down the path of what will be
lead me
----(as the Father sent me)
somehow to show
--that Christ lives
show it to others
------and myself
Help me Lord to do thy will
----(I send you)


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