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Monday October 12th, Amos 5:  14If you really want to live, you must stop doing wrong and start doing right. I, the LORD God All-Powerful, will then be on your side, just as you claim I am.  15Choose good instead of evil!  See that justice is done. It would be nice to think that the top one percent could liberate themselves from their addiction to greed, and in the process, liberate the rest of the world from the hold poverty has on them, but it has never happened that way.  It is always up to the victims to liberate the oppressors on their way to liberating themselves (http://www.pedagogyoftheoppressed.com/).  There is more than enough so it seems for the idea of the “American Dream” to flourish for the majority of people.  Unfortunately we have been sold on a vision of an “American dream” that is only sustainable for a very very few at the expense of all the others.  During the time of Amos, the ones at the top were doing quite well and resisting any attempt to allow justice, as the Lord sees justice, to flourish.  In the end it didn’t work out so well for those at the top or for those at the bottom.  The question is: are we heading down that same path?  Are we in need of our Amos to point out the insanity of our ways?  Even then, would we listen?    


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