therefore I am

Thursday August 13th, Ephesians 5:  1 Do as God does. After all, you are his dear children. 2 Let love be your guide. Christ loved us and offered his life for us as a sacrifice that pleases God. Descartes has had his mark on society.  In a rational, post-enlightenment world “I think therefore I am” rules the day.  It is after all, all about the “I.”  God calls us instead to live by the phrase, Amo, ergo sum, I love, therefore I am.  In a post-enlightenment world it is about as counter-cultural as you can get.  But it is in loving that we are connected to the love of God.  It is in loving that we live out the fullness of the connectedness of all of creation.  It is in loving that we experience the fullness of God’s grace as we show that grace to others.  Our calling is a calling into relationships, with God, with one another and with the creation from which we were formed. Let love be your aim in life, and live by the motto: Amo, Ergo Sum.  


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