half-baked idea

Monday August 3rd, Psalm 78: It was clear they didn't believe God, had no intention of trusting in his help.  But God helped them anyway, commanded the clouds and gave orders that opened the gates of heaven. He rained down showers of manna to eat, he gave them the Bread of Heaven.  It is the same today, in spite of the fact that all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God, Jesus came into the world to save the world and bring salvation to all.  Now it is our turn to share the gracious gifts we have been given and in the process, participate in the graciousness of God.  It is in giving that we receive.  In hording we find a smell in the depth of our souls; it is all that manna, down there hidden in the cracks, rotting.  God rains down blessings on us all and a Christian is no better than anyone else, no more or less loved than anyone else, a Christian is simply someone who once in a while has some half-baked idea who to thank.  


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