not in the jar

Monday June 8th, 2 Corinthians 4:7: This priceless treasure we hold, so to speak, in a common earthenware jar—to show that the splendid power of it belongs to God and not to us.  We were created a little lower than the angels and created in the image of God.  We hold within us the presence, the grace, the loving kindness of God.  Sometimes all we let people see is the presence of the earthenware jar.  Indeed adorning that simple earthenware jar has become a major driving economic force in society.  And yet the beauty is not in the jar, it is in what is inside.  The beauty lies in the presence of God breathed into this lump of clay that brought humanity into being.   So let us spend at least as much, if not more time and attention on the beauty that lies within than on the clay pot that holds this presence of beauty.  That which is common is only skin deep, but beauty is that which comes from within.  


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