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Saturday February 28th, Mark 1: 14 After John was put in prison, Jesus went into Galilee, proclaiming the good news of God. 15 "The time has come," he said. "The kingdom of God is near. Repent and believe the good news. And the good news is??? The good news is that the kingdom of God is near. To each and every one of us, the kingdom is near. Even when we face what John was facing in prison, yes even there, the Kingdom is near.  What we do in life, who we are in life, even our thoughts in life ripple through the kingdom. The good news is that Jesus is never far from you and that the kingdom of God (salvation) is a gift from God and it is near.  Our calling is to walk through this life, knowing, deep in our hearts, deep in our very being, that the kingdom is near, God is near.  God is with us and with those we meet, and if they don’t know it, it is or job to let them know in word it is true, but also, most importantly, in deed.  The time has come, the kingdom is near. Go and announce the good news and use your words once in a while.  


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