Opening Litany based on Psalm 126

Psalm 126

Pastor: When my life changed, when God came into my life and turned it around, I was like one who had just entered a dream. 

Congregation: When our lives were changed, when we allowed God in, we could not stop from laughing; our very being was filled with joy. 

Pastor: Our friends looked at us and knew something was different.  Those who knew us well and who knew the Lord said, the Lord has done great thing for them, and together we rejoiced. 

Congregation: Restore our ways O Lord; direct our lives to the paths you have chosen.  Like a river in spring, may your blessings fill to the brim the blessings of your presence in our lives.

Pastor: May those still in sorrow experience shouts of joy.

Congregation: May those who go into the world in sorrow be filled with your love and bring that fruit of your blessing home to friends and family.


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