little “i” = Big “G”.

Wednesday July 17th, Luke 10: 25 Just then a religion scholar stood up with a question to test Jesus. "Teacher, what do I need to do to get eternal life?"  Most of us have met someone with an “I” problem.  This religion scholar was a good guy, a smart guy, someone who wanted to walk as a child of God.  He just wanted to be in charge of the process.  That is the first and biggest hurtle we all face, the first commandment stuff.  What must “I” do to get eternal life?  The answer is Nothing!!!  It is that “I” thing that most often keeps us from living in the glow of God’s grace in the here and now.  It is the temptation in the garden raising its ugly head one more time.  Just eat of this tree of knowledge and you can be like god with a small “g”.  The only god the “I” thing gets us is the small ”g” god. Walking as a child of God, accepting God’s forgiveness and grace brings us into the company with the big “G” God.  Remember this formula: big “I” = little “g”; little “i” = Big “G”.  With one of them comes happiness, pure forgiven, loving and loved happiness.


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