Monday January 14th, Isaiah 42: (The Lord said) I made the earth and everything that grows on it. I am the source of life for all who live on this earth, so listen to what I say. 6 I chose you to bring justice, and I am here at your side. I selected and sent you to bring light and my promise of hope to the nations. In our calling to be the voice and work of God’s justice in the world, we are not alone. It is God who is at our side. It is God who opens our eyes to the needs of others. It is God who tugs at our heart strings and urges us to act. You have been chosen by God and this day God has reaffirmed that choice. Go and be the child of God you were called to be. Go and do the work of God, forgiven and renewed, forgiving and renewing. You have been chosen.


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