More than survival

Wednesday November 7th, Luke 6:17-21 Everyone was trying to touch him—so much energy surging from him, so many people healed! Then he spoke: You're blessed when you've lost it all. God's kingdom is there for the finding. You're blessed when you're ravenously hungry. Then you're ready for the Messianic meal. Our lives become filled with many good things, too many good things. We can see this in others, but rarely in ourselves. In talking to those listening to him on the hillside by the sea of Galilee, Jesus touched the longing in their souls for something more than just day to day survival. The something more he gave them was the ability to see themselves for who they were, the children of God. They were no longer the down and out, the hungry and tired, the rich and the poor, they were the blessed. We too are called to live our lives knowing we are blessed, seeing ourselves as the children of God and hearing the message of God’s love for us in our hearts and minds always.


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