Psalm 112

Pastor: Let us all Praise the LORD. 

Congregation: Those whose lives are steeped in awe of the Lord and who find delight in the ways of the Lord know that their lives are blessed. 

Pastor: their children and the generations to come will be blessed by the lives of the righteous and will be considered great in the land. 

Congregation: They will live their lives knowing that true wealth and true riches surround them and that the righteousness of God will be with them forever. 

Pastor: they will live their lives blessed knowing that even in what seems like darkness, the light of God shines through the children of God who are gracious and compassionate. 

Congregation: Good will come to those who are generous and lend freely and who conduct their affairs with justice. 

Pastor: Surely their righteousness will never be shaken and they will be remembered for generations. 

Congregation: We too will live as the children of God and will have no fear of bad news; our hearts remaining steadfast, always trusting in the LORD. 

Pastor: with no fear, we will look to the Lord

Congregation: We will freely scattered our gifts to the poor, our righteousness will endure forever; and our horn will be lifted high in honor.


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